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Welcome To Fruit Of The Spirit Of God

Fruit Of The Spirit Of God

We would like to welcome you to our Ministry website and we pray that our website will be a blessing not only to you but also to your friends and loved ones. We want to let you know that God and we love you unconditionally, no matter what you have been through in your life, we have all fallen short of the glory of God, but isn't it wonderful to know that God never gives up on us, we can always find complete forgiveness in Him and isn't this just wonderful to know that we have a loving and forgiving father, a father that will pick you up when you are down, a father that will help and guide you through all your trials and tribulations that you face, a father that no matter what you do will always forgive you when you ask Him to, yes, what a wonderful loving father we have and we want to share with you the love of God our father and we want to help you build a strong relationship with Him. Take time to browse through our website and feel the love of God pouring out to you. Isn't it time you gave your life to Jesus Christ? Today can be a new life and a new beginning for you when you give your life to Jesus.
If you or a loved one need prayer, we would love to pray for you, please post your prayer requests on the prayer request page.
Thank you, May the Love of God and His blessings be with you not only today but always.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Pat & Rev.Carl Kelley